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Digital complexities and threats are growing at record rates.  We’re your experienced and trusted partner

Franklin Data Cyber Security

Protecting your data is key to compliance requirements (legal & regulatory) and protecting your brand.  Our experts help you prevent data loss, oversight, and unecessary over collection.

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We extract metadata and native text and organize it for searching.  Our examiners recover digital artifacts and provide high-speed evidence processing to support voluminous and time constrained matters.


We host terabytes of data for hundreds of matters across multiple review platforms.  Our experts provide dedicated support and related services in addition to expert reports and testimony.

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Orchestrating Data in New Ways Never Imagined!

Your data is your biggest asset and it resides everywhere imaginable.  We help you discover, gain more control, and safeguard what matters

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Our Clients are Global & Growing

Digital Congruency becomes simplified by leveraging Franklin Data

Law Firm

Supporting lawyers across the globe in disputes and investigations


Providing episodic and managed services to global businesses


Helping State and Federal Agencies with disputes and investigations


Providing episodic and managed services to institutions

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