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Our Talent makes the Difference We're focused on attracting and retaining the best talent available to provide the best results possible.
Matthew Blake
Matthew Blake CEO and President
Education: Columbia University, Columbia Business School MBA
Based in Newport Beach, CA
Michael K. Clark
Michael K. Clark Board Member
University of Southern California & NYU
Based in New York, NY
Raymond Clawson
Raymond Clawson Board Member
Education: Tulane University
Based in Atlanta, GA & Newport Coast, CA
Samuel B. Fortenbaugh III
Samuel B. Fortenbaugh III Board Member
Education: Williams College B.A., Harvard University LL. B.
Based in New York, NY
Douglas E. Jacobs
Douglas E. Jacobs Director, Business Development West
Education: University of Toledo, OH
Based in Newport Beach, CA
Gary Wellman
Gary Wellman Director, Business Development Southeast
Education: University of Southern California
Based in Houston, TX
Will Koenig
Will Koenig Director, Operations
Education: University of Texas
Based in Houston, TX
Paul Renzulli
Paul Renzulli Director, Applications
Education: DeVry University
Based in Cleveland, OH
Ryan Schnieber
Ryan Schnieber Managing Director, Forensics
Education: Pierce College
Based in Los Angeles, CA
Wendy Wellman
Wendy Wellman Chief Administrative Officer
Education: University of Arizona
Based in Newport Beach, CA
W. Chris Manderson
W. Chris Manderson Managing Director, M&A
Education: University of Santa Barbara, UCLA Law
Based in Los Angeles, CA