Managed eDiscovery

Having a reputable and defensible process provides efficiency and economics to your matters.  Switching costs are high, especially engaging a new discovery expert each time.  Franklin Data provides discovery on-demand that meets your needs.

The landscape of digital discovery is continuously evolving.  Vendors are somewhat experts at moving the goalposts on understanding how they monetize their delivery of electronic discovery.  Some companies, software or services, will help you believe there’s one solution.  There isn’t.

Our clients leverage the 16+ years Franklin Data has been in this industry and put our expertise to good use.  Solid economical use.  We provide a solution that’s dynamic and expands and contracts as you evolve.  Our managed discovery solution includes bolstering what works well today and complementing it with our toolbox and human capital.  Our team becomes your team and we’re highly accessible and often found on site.

We begin with understanding your information governance program and navigating through typical digital discovery matters.  We find inefficiencies and poor economics and improve on those.  We do this continually and at a set price per month thus lowering your total cost of ownership.  Bottom line, we’ve built our business to have excess capacity and offer it at a discount to our clients at a predictable spend – much like fractional ownership.