Processing & Hosting

Franklin Data began as a processing software development team back in 2000.  We understand the intricacies of processing data and the many surprises that can await your next move.

The bottom line: these are two commoditized services that require diligence in tool inspection and the understanding of the team behind the solution.

At Franklin Data we take processing and hosting serious.  Often times exceptions are made without client knowledge.  Expectations can be missed.  Economics run out of control.  We provide our clients optionality when it comes to processing and hosting digital evidence.  We strategize with you to identify the most efficient and economical approach to the need and stick to the plan with no surprises.  Our statistical minds are put to work and after applying our intellectual knowledge to your case we’re able to provide you with the appropriate level of insight to case budgets and timelines.

We’re able to process large volumes of data and produce it into a review environment in record time and can certainly  meet most any demand set by a court or regulator.

Our team of highly qualified and educated data scientists, project managers, and analysts behind the service in our data processing and hosting environment stand ready to assist 24×7.